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    Well I am out with the best ending...that was a pretty cool game
    Thanks for posting it
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      nice, but hard to find items


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        That was a good game... I need only a couple of hints to get through. Thank goodness for the tab key!! lol

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          lil help on the 2nd "u" ...thx

          course i found it next to wheel..duh
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            Originally posted by old biker View Post
            nice, but hard to find items
            It's not too hard if you use



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              out with best end! thanks for posting
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                Yay! I'm out with normal and best end!
                Great game as usual!
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                  Where is the second u? I found out the name when I clicked the letters with random holes. Help please! I just need the other letter u.

                  EDIT: Someone said something about a wheel where the u is. What

                  EDIT: Okay got the u and got the key and got the sword then got the statue thingy (it looks soo creepy to me. ) and someone told me that you were suppose to put it somewhere else where is that place?

                  EDIT: Nevermind. I got the idea from "Aquarius." Great game. Thanks for posting!
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                    Posting to see who, if anyone is here. I need two more blue balls.

                    MIssing items 3, 5, 9, 10, 14 & 15. Only unused item is 13.


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                      Originally posted by NannaJoy View Post
                      Posting to see who, if anyone is here. I need two more blue balls.

                      MIssing items 3, 5, 9, 10, 14 & 15. Only unused item is 13.
                      The empty spots will fill, as soon as you found all the blue balls.
                      Let me see if I remember the balls correctly

                      Ball from spot 5 is

                      Ball 3:
                      In the same screen (with pyramid) click on


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                        Thanks Beachfun. Have last two balls and used unused item. So searching to see what new shows up now. Trying to finish up before I have to put on my chef's cap.

                        OK - best end. hmm.. have about 25 more minutes of "play time"


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                          You should be out any minute now

                          Good luck!


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                            Video Walkthrough Here:

                            Normal End


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                              If you first