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    Originally posted by kaydow87 View Post
    zippy -- what in that picture has 6 spots that may or may not have things HANGing on them? that corresponds to the code

    make sense?

    once you get the code and enter it -- you will be able to get the knife
    Thanks Kaydow, not the first time you save my day !!!!


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      what goes around comes around zippy you've saved me before too! haha

      ...and....stuck. lol


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        Originally posted by kaydow87 View Post

        so far i have the a and c...and then wire put in the electrical box thingy.
        Where did you find it?


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          assuming you are talking about the wire --

          if you are talking about the c...


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            stuck with 11 spheres, 1st and 6th space in inventory empty, nothing left to use...

            there is a clickable area left of the painting above fruits, that doen't seem to make sense..


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              i only have 10 spheres imssing three spots... 1st...6th....and 17th i think...

              im thinking the 17th is the e?


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                Thanks for the wire!


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                  oh wow, how i missed not sure. haha thanks no problem!

                  wow...umm the green safe...WHA? lol

                  oh i think i get looks like it would correspond to...

                  let me try it out

                  OUT yay


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                    I used the bug to get the last sphere (shame on me!). I now opened the grren safe in the office, wait untill you see that! no idea what to do now. It must have something to do with the last (6th) missing space in the inventory!


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                      Zippy...after my 3rd restart(!) I will post sphere locations for you shortly

                      whew! Thanks for your help guys!


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                        good job you guys! thanks for the help!


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                          Originally posted by Kelly View Post

                          Zippy...after my 3rd restart(!) I will post sphere locations for you shortly
                          Thanks, I just figured out before I read your post!
                          Thanks to all, I couldn't have done it on my own as usual.
                          I really admire the guys creating these games!

                          10 points for that one!


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                            Out. I only used the hint with the bed - diamond. It came just, when I decided to ask here for the third metall. Thank you, kaydow!
                            ZoMayor made a great mistake: nothing in the bin


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                              Hehe, I'm still stuck... I have no idea

                              I haven't used the


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                                Ok I just started the game and I have to say- Why punish us for trying the Tab key???
                                The maker could have just disabled it, or made a screen that says "No Tabbing" but instead he PUNISHES us by making us wait through the entire frickin' game load again!
                                Not a good start to the game for me.
                                It's not like it's ILLEGAL to try Tab. Lots of games allow it and if the maker knows us at all he knows that we try it and use it as a tool when we can.
                                Please whoever made this game - no more spanking us.
                                Ok rant over, now I'm off to try this game.