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    YUPIEE I poured the water in the third idol and got a slate but dont know what it actually meant for GOT OUT but dont worry about the slate i never used it
    i think it will be used if u want to get some other end if there is any
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      thnx for helpful comments...

      i got it too....but the same white door it seems tht yet we hv found only one ending ..if thr is any ..i guess....
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        Very nice game,Thanks for the hints. I got perfect end

        Then do the rest as you did before then:
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          found a stick and a rock. got bored and stopped playing after that.
          whats the point of making a game where screens are almost identical?


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            an easy one ,just takes a while to know where to go
            only had one item at the bottom


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              Out no help! WOOHOO!!!
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                Where did you find the "holy grail"? This game is really getting on my last nerves.


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                  dumb dumb dumb - almost 1:30 a.m. - I'm going to bed! I need my beauty rest badly
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                    wooo hoooooooooo perfect end baby.

                    aww i can't show the picture because i don't how to shrink it. booooooo


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                      Apologies if the spoiler didn't work
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                        the spoiler worked
                        im stuck now...
                        nvm out... but i only got the end! can someone help me get perfect ending please €:

                        is any one onlines?

                        waaah im all aloney on my owney
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                          I'm about to try again. Didn't see any red or blue sand .. where are they? I just poured water into the faces and then the door with that shape opened. Found a small box with buttons on but was out before I could use it.
                          Second time lucky .. I hope!

                          Okay .. found the two sands but still had nothing in the final space in the inventory. Not sure what I'm meant to do with the last two slates. Still, a fun game .. if you draw a map!
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                            I have no idea where the other items are! I have
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                              @thedoctor: I think there was a knife near skeleton? With this use the right door from start to go to blossom and use it on the right wall.


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                                Great Game

                                When you get to the exit and the door is white, click the up arrow and you will be out!
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