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  • Yoshimune

    Yoshimune is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Shiira.Boo who is also creator of Aya Escape game. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

    Language may be a problem in this game

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    Im stuck with


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      i found the hammer, container with 7 & a pink lantern.
      Found the sticks and used them to get a blue bit of paper with red japanese writing on it ;-)
      Found the red key thing (looks like its a squeezy bladder type thing to suck up & squirt water actually).

      there's something in the white vase on the 1st screen, you need something long to reach it though.
      I also found a place to enter a 3 digit code.
      have you found the "underwater" view yet?

      quit due to the lack of any other objects & language barrier on paper.
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        havent found the underwater veiw


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          no hammer


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            candle where? lighter is where also?


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              lighter is

              hammer ?
              found hammer now

              thanks for the help (not)

              i think im out ,yay
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                So stuck! sorry, but how do you get into the vase? (ps, I was playing theother new escape the museum) Also, which drums?
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                  You have to do things in order, I refreshed and for example, could'nt get the lantern at first.

                  Maybe there is a bug: I lighted candled and put in lantern, lantern showed flame, but candle was still in inventory. Can't make dark sky behind bridge light, tried again put candle in lantern, showed same flame but candle disappears.

                  The red lolly is a screwdriver.

                  There are two hints in japanese:

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                    hi, i dont know what to do anymore , i have everything u guys have , anymore luck?

                    i can't find the 3#

                    Gosh i notice everytime i do something wrong i have to restart the game...iam done.

                    well i guess, has more than one ending, cause i just finished, andi still had items that i didnt used.
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                      i couldnt be bothered to try & find anything else & the game was unplayable due to the note being in japanese.
                      I wouldnt want to replay this to try and complete it.


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                        Hmm the link doesn't work for me. It opens a blank page with just


                        at the top right, in both Firefox or IE. I tried it this morning and again now - evening. Maybe later it will work?

                        EDIT: I got this link off another site and it works -


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                          Has anyone found a hammer? If so, where? Thanks.
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                            look in the view with the

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                              I m out... but still have some items left in my

                              inventory... nd dont knw how to get 2nd ending so i m happy that atleast i

                              hv got one...
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