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  • 10 Keys Escape

    "Ten Keys Escape is the sequel to 8 Keys Escape point and click type escape the room game from Games Handbook. In this game, you are locked in a basement, and you have to find 10 keys hidden in the basement to open the door and escape. Can you find 10 keys and escape from the basement? Good luck and have fun!"


    Spoilers will look like this:

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    Out, but this one has as many bugs as the first one.


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      I had 9 of 10 keys, put them in the locks and went to look for the last one.
      All of the keys vanished and can't do anything now.
      Too many bugs for me. Giving up on this one.


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        The last key

        But you're right, don't put any keys in the door until you have them all.


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          found 3 keys.
          you cant move the hook from the screen its on to the fishing pole or vice versa so how the hell are you supposed to use it? you cant pick it up.
          and the question on the pc is useless unless it specifies a GENDER!

          the hook on the fishing pole screen wont combine no matter what you do.
          plus whats that object you take out of your own pocket?
          and the scissors, bin & red glass have no use.

          and whats with the back view of the pc?
          theres only the hook you cant take there.
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            I got 8 keys and stuck i also think the game is buggy so i will quit now

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              8? how the heck did you get 8?
              I struggled to get 3!
              candle, pc, and smashed picture.


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                Has it any effect

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                  i cant get the hook to combine with the line. tried every possibly way.
                  nothing worked.
                  quit this game as its just not very playable at all.


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                    Brainisdead, I am where you are.. what I did was

                    Now I'm stuck... Ugh.. I hate this game I give up for now.
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                      hah that fish looks like mine.

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                        What did I do? Everything disappeared - two blank walls and floor all the same color - no box for things I find - things I've found gone .. ????
                        Not starting over .. will just do something else - I was almost there .. not interesting enough to go again and I didn't make notes.


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                          several bugs. i put 8 keys in the door and then went to the second room and when i came back they were gone. haha!!


                          • #14
                            so i only got 9 keys...
                            were is the last one?


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                              TOO MANY BUGS... POPPED OFF PC BACKING NO KEY...I should have nine but bar shows 6...
                              i'm done... get'n up early to catch some waves

                              enjoy life