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10 Gnomes Episode 4 - Foggy Flat

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  • 10 Gnomes Episode 4 - Foggy Flat

    The fourth in a series of the "find the gnomes" game. Look around and locate all 10 gnomes on the Foggy flat. Hope you have good eyes. Good luck!

    Play HERE.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Click image for larger version

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    Hmmm....looks fun. Never played one in the series before.

    EDIT: On my first try I found 7 gnomes.
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      I only found 7 of ten my first time too. I wonder where the picture was taken. *Sigh* I miss Poland a lot.
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        Only found 7.
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          Only found 6. I figured out what I was doing wrong before that made me not really enjoy these games. I wasn't

          Now I can navigate a little more thoroughly and check out all the places and not keep seeing the same scenes over and over the way I did before.

          Nice stuff for early morning coffee, however I did find the "scary hand". I think there may be one in all his games.

          Edit: Up to 8
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            First try 7 gnomes. Second try 9 gnomes. Third try, found all 10 gnomes.
            10446 points.
            I didn't see any scary hand. I can only recall I saw one in park episode.
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              The hand was in the section that showed the cement surface with a caulk-line of tar. Its at a clickable white pebble I mistook for a gnome.


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                Damn. Found 9 on my first try. Only had 40 seconds left after that =S I think you might have to view some places first before some gnomes appear.
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                  I have found 9 as well. I would have to take some time and make a map to get all of them. I believe I have cleared the roof, its the ground floor thats tough.


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                    Originally posted by Jeral View Post
                    Damn. Found 9 on my first try. Only had 40 seconds left after that =S I think you might have to view some places first before some gnomes appear.
                    Nope, just replayed the game and you really don't have to visit some places first before a specific gnome appears.

                    Have you both already found
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                      actually I think I have all 10 just not at once.


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                        agh, 9000 points - 9 gnomes at first attempt, many dead ends, one bird.

                        where oh where is the 10 dwarf?
                        anyone got an new game to share?

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                          10001 points! I had 18 seconds left, when i found the ninth one and found the last one in last second! xD


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                            Takes forever to load, eh?
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                              argh 6 on first try lol

                              WOOT!!! 10402 points on second try!!! weee! and thx to adventure....found 2 gnomes for me
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