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Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle

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  • Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle

    Knight's Tour is an adaptation of a classic game where you control a Knight and can move only in an "L" shaped direction. Each level challenges you to collect coins while avoiding deadly obstacles (i.e. spikes, broken bricks) and destroy the enemies that sometime guard them.

    Over 100 beautiful levels. You can play 100+ levels in a 3D-like environment with zoom-in/out features. Each level introduces new obstacles and difficulty increases exponentially.

    Kinght's Tour has a lot of achievements you can complete based on how well you play. Also game has many secret achievements. Each completed achivement unlocks rewards (coins, powerups) and also extra bonus levels.

    Google Play link:

    Click image for larger version

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    Try to solve the puzzle - unlock all the bonus levels, achievements, and knights. Good luck!

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    thanks for your information


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      Great thank you.


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        I like it! thanks


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          Awesome, thanks for sharing the game and link


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            Awesome game, it really helps if you want to start playing chess.