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    Hi everyone, I hope you're doing great!

    I know this is my first post, but I'm excited to share this game with you all! Literally started playing this game yesterday, and I have it enjoyed it so much. It brings back such great memories of when I used to play Pokémon on my gameboy and now I get to relive it again!

    Click image for larger version

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    As I will say below this game is 100% fan made and so much work has been put into it from the game itself to separate pages dedicated to you the player. There is no paying real life money to get ahead in this game or donations to the page. Anyone can tell that a ton of effort has been put into the and website itself like I said, as well as, other minor details, so I would definitely appreciate it if you would take a look. I'll quickly give list of my pros and cons before I give more information below.
    ♔ You can register from here to try out the game: ⇶
    - Great artwork
    - Easy to understand explanations
    - Pokedex
    - Informational sheet for each Pokémon
    - Daily give-away events
    - Live chat
    - Great maps
    - Good UI
    - In-game inbox
    - Literally I could keep going

    - Site does seem cluttered
    - Hard to get if you just jump in at first
    - Advertisement banners
    - Lots of links
    - Can be clunky while navigating at times
    - Long page lengths

    Anyway here is information put together by owner, enjoy!

    ✰ Started July 9th, 2014 Poké is 100% free (not even donation not to mention there is no premium market etc.)

    ✮ The game has all 721 Pokemon and almost all mega form at the moment with including shinies and other forms total number of Pokemon is 1560

    ✩ Each week there are events and new Pokémon being added to the game

    ☆ Game has 520 game maps and they are pretty good actually

    ✌ As different from other Pokémon Online games, PokemonPets uses bigger artwork images of Pokémon and it is planned to improve overal art quality greatly

    Thanks so much for looking at all this info! I really hope you take some time to look at the game and fall in love with it like I did. :hyper fox:

    -Cmulder ✯ PokemonPets is not affiliated with Nintendo, The Pokémon Company Creatures Inc. or Game Freak.
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