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Super Sneaky Spy Guy SSSG - Forgotten Asylum

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    Finished. Great game these are my favorites.


    There is a walkthrough for the locations of the crystals and on how to finish the game if you click HELP on the game near your inventory

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      I have just a few questions.

      how am i supposed to go about solving

      how do i

      how do i get the item

      and lastly (phew) where do i get

      any and all help is much appreciated sorry if any of this has been previously posted


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        I'm stuck on the ball puzzle. When I turn the picture around all I see is a grey rectangle. And when i click on my screwdriver I can pick it up once then i can never get it to work again.


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          Last edited by Mistery; 01-06-2009, 21:18:50. Reason: Added source of walkthrough. Please give credit if you don't write a walkthrough yourself


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            Thank you Elecktra for posting walkthrough. I would never have finished without it. I played so long that my clicky finger hurts. This was truly a super sneaky game!


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              hey this is gonna sound proper stupid but how do u get inside i cant get in i click on the asylum nd it says "i am not sure what all this place has in store but it doesn't seem too pleasant"


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                grah same.

                I think it has a bug. ¬¬
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