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    Light Lee is another new point and click game from Games2Win. The King of Kung-fu needs your help pass out. Not in real life but from the Kung Fu academy. Get cracking now! Click on objects around the place to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking on more than one object. Some objects will be stored in the Inventory Panel. Some events will be triggered when you Left Click and hold. Try to solve the riddles to go ahead in the game. Each riddle can be solved in 2 different ways - one "the easy way" and the other "the ulta way". Good luck and have fun!


    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=title here]text here...[/spoiler]

    *~The Shining Star of GH~~*

    The riddlers gang: Vivi, Sumitra, Hunter, Bizarrochick, Monkey, Archaicdome, and Teeodd!
    June 15th is fundayja day! July 9th is Teeodd day! July 10th is Sumitra day! July 11th is Shining day! September 13th is Crazy day! September 18th is Robot day! October 13th is Party 4 Ever day! March 15th is Archaicdome day!

    *~a proud Mommy to be~*

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    lvl 1 - I can open window and click on sun beams .. only thing I can get a reaction from so far. - ok .. I did the 4 blocks of ice but then have to do something else that I don't understand - and only had 10 seconds left. Tried twice and nothing else I clicked on did a thing. *sigh* I'll wait for HELP
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      I'm stuck w/ the crocodiles.

      Did you

      EDIT: Got past the crocs. The Bees have me stumped.

      For the bees I have
      Got phase one of bees.
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        For the crocodile scene I couldn't do much.

        It's a pity that you need to restart the whole game in order to advance to the next level. I don't feel like replaying now. I might come back some other time.


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          Couldn't agree with you more on the restarting bit, elle.

          For croc. scene # 1...


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            Ok,First there's a time limit,then,there's a score to make.
            What else could go wrong & Hard?
            They always fight for what's right
            THAT'S CUZ, USUALLY

            I'd rather watch then fight.


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              Okay, got past the breaking ice fairly easily, got 1st scene of corodiles okay but having lots of trouble with the 2nd scene....


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                I'm OUT!!

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