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  • Cow's New Year

    cow's new year is the latest game by minoto
    find and use hidden items to finish the game

    have fun

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    (a late new year game )
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    That was fun. I don't pay much attention to the reason for executing certain moves on these anymore. I just try everything and eventually it works!


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      Yay cow end
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        I tend to do that with these too RBS

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          Yay - I'm always glad to see a new one of these. They really cheer me up! Happy New Year!

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            Yay Happy Cow End. Love their games.
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              I got the cow end, too. I suspect there is only one end in this game.
              Don't forget you are awesome.


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                Out too...
                To be honest, this is the only kind of games, that I don't need help!!!
                Thanks for existing

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                  Okay, I've got the white ball on the gold pedestal thingie, but now what? I've clicked everywhere and with all I have (nori). Help!

                  Edit: got it. power of posting, as they say.

                  Now I'm stuck with that yellow fruit...
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                    I don,t usually need help with these games but what do I do with the orange.

                    NVM didn,t realise I had a rice cake in my inventory. Out
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                      Oh! That was my problem, too! Thanks, wenno!


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                        Originally posted by not me View Post
                        Out too...
                        To be honest, this is the only kind of games, that I don't need help!!!
                        Thanks for existing
                        me too, at least this one made sense


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                          ppl plz walkthrough ony a few i can beat on my own plz help i beg u

                          nvm yay cow end only end ppl
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                            Cow End - only one evidently. Cute! Liked it.


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                              I'm out! Great game!
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