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    how do you get past the man that scares you after the raincloud part??? please help!!!!

    click on the skunk to scare him away then click on the tree

    Someone please tell me how to get past the thundercloud???!!! Have tried just about everything

    did you put that teepee on the dancing idian in the top left corner?

    how do u get past the carpet on lvl 3 that comes out the dounble doors just before the strongman?

    well there is bricks above the double doors .... try clicking on them
    Do the Dew


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      This is frustrating

      What do I do in level 5 I keep falling of the stairs and its getting ennoying


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        Are you talking about level 2? If so, just put the ladder on the left side of the roof, then click on the logs at the top, this will make a bridge for Oriel.

        Well, I have a complete walkthrough for this. Along with pics, but I cant post it here... if you need it, mail me on


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          i love this game...finished with just a little help...
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