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  • Snow White

    Another cute point and click game from Minoto. Enjoy

    Play Here


    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    OK - so the queen has a moustache, there's a spaceship, one of the seven dwarfs has a gas mask(?) - not the story I remember.... Now I'm stuck with the chicks on the nest.

    Absolutely brilliant - out with Dieting End!! Fun, Fun, Fun.
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      Out with the rejuvenation end.

      Also got the dieting end.
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        Not quite how I remember Snow White...I don't remember a bull fight, a flying saucer, painted chicks, a treasure chest that bites, or SW looking so...How to put this...Expectant.

        Now what??

        Never mind, got the colours in the wrong order.
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          LOVE IT! Interesting take on a popular fairy tale!


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            yeah .. i remember differences


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              LOL, definitely remember a different story... but, OUT w/both endings!!!
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                This is exactly the story I was told as a child.
                /dieting end


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                  I love these games!


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                    lol i dont remember a dwarf wearing a gas mask do any of u or a FAT snow white (srry but she is soooooo fat in this game)lol


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                      What about a spaceship?

                      @ablejack....You made me laugh.


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                        did colors like poster and then did them opposite .. moved them about. nothing seems to happen. Moved them all about .. Grrrr
                        Got that at last .. just trying to rub me the wrong way!
                        Got both ends ..
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                          lol looks like they changed the effect of the apple. I gotta say i like this one It makes your appearance match your personality.
                          Anybody recognize the lyrics?
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                            Out with dieting end. Took me a bit longer than it usually does with these games.


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                              I am stuck!!
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