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  • Pirate Peril

    You have been kidnapped by pirates and taken to their island. Try to use the items on weird places, and something might happen!



    please use spoilers to give hints

    dont post a videowalktrough for 7 days

    important :AT THE BOAT SCENE, GET THE TREASURE FIRST!! (requires the bonus item) Because if you repair the boat first, the game freezes. O_o This only happens if you got the bonus item in an earlier scene, though.
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    Weird places is right.

    I guess I didn't win. It said try to get to the treasure next time.

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      Haha, yes lol some aren't very logical. Couldn't finsh, the game kept restarting for some reason.
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        I'm stuck in the jungle scene..this game is weird..

        NM just made it to the next one.

        Ok, now I'm stuck on the anyone else playing??
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          for the scene where you can see the beach from above


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            I am in the second scene...the one with the cloud....and i´m stuck...can anybody help me?

            ohh i feel like a dump....done i´m at the jungle scene...
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              Originally posted by Rhiannann View Post
              Weird places is right.

              I guess I didn't win. It said try to get to the treasure next time.
              You need the first hidden item to get the treasure


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                Got to the next screen after the waterfall... stuck!

                Edit: Didn't read Starlit's post... and out! With Booty to boot!

                Cute game, loved getting the pirate drunk!
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                  Beer? - I'm in the jungle - log in front of me with 9 items. & I can't move on. ARGH! What haven't I done? or what am I missing?

                  Need to get the dog out now. brb

                  Back .. got a piece that wont stayi with cursor .. can't get back in inventory. So? what did I do wrong? emailed too long after getting dog out?
                  restarted - 3 ojects in jail done. 3 items in next scene and moving on. 3 objects on .. this time. 2 objects at waterfall, 2 in beach scene & then finished up. Yeah!!
                  Out with treasure ..
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                    Escaped the island with the treasure


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                      Fun..didnt need help