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Village Escape Part 3

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  • Village Escape Part 3

    The third chapter in the Village Escape series from 123bee. Good luck!

    Note: You can die in this game.

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    goes to play..

    Now killing 4 dudes!

    Got new screen - new dude to eliminate
    But now stuck...
    EDIT - retraced steps

    Is it my imagination or is this getting buggy?
    No just needed to get out of there (use correct object)
    Replayed best - 1min18 6944pts (currently 2nd)
    Good night
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      short but sweet
      I'm Hungry, let's get a taco, Thirsty? drink moloko
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        You're a bow ahead of me Rex !!

        Found arrows.
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          @ donaud
          I'm Hungry, let's get a taco, Thirsty? drink moloko
          Gamershood Online Paradise is now on Facebook!


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            Does anybody really like these games where you get killed and have to start over? I mean really is there any one that looks forward to that? I think I'm too short on patience. Apparently you folks are doing it so it must be me that can't hang with this trial and error crap.

            I don't mean to be negative. I'm sure it's a good game, but, I just will have to wait for a walkthrough and then it will be no challenge at all.

            So in other words...wah wah wah ...somebody call me a wambulance.
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              Hehe, I stopped after I died for the first time. And then added that note to the first post.
              I don't like games either where you can die and have to start over.


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                Thanks Lumpy,

                Once I found the bow (right in plain view !!) it was easy from there.

                Wambulance is on the way, Michelle


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                  but where are the arrows?

                  nvm found them and success!
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                    yeah i quit after i died the second time maybe i will try again far does not look fun though
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                      where is arrows? When u ask, can u please write the answear too when u found it


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                        The arrows are

                        I killed everyone, rescued some lady, have a crown, can't get on the horse. What now?
                        Got it.
                        That was too short. And it was buggy.
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                          I can't pick up items on dead robbers. and not enough arrows.
                          And thunder storm headed toward me for the second time today. So closing up shop for awhile. *sigh*
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                            Can't find an arrow for the life of me! Literally--I keep dying!

                            Do I have to turn tufts of grass into arrows? LMAO... found the arrows, but too mucy dying for me. Gonna give up on this one!
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                              Cant find the arrows !!!
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