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  • Another Small Favor

    (point and click)
    The sequel in the Small Favor series by Zeebarf has just been released.
    The story continues after the assassination of Senator Lobe. With his security clearance severely compromised, the assassin heads deep into the blind zone to find a new identity. Accept missions and accomplish them while you are trying to get a new identity.
    Good luck

    The bugs have been fixed according to the game author.

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    So far great game

    Now I'm stuck and can't kill the spider...
    Laser gun and slingshot don't seem to work

    Yay, got it

    Missions accomplished:
    Using scanner
    Talking to blue teddy guard
    Eliminating cave spider
    Eliminating pig hunter

    Open missions:
    Finding sky key
    Bringing B.A.G.E.L. application
    Finding furry green shawl
    Getting medicial flower (have seen it but not figured out how to get it)

    Yay, did B.A.G.E.L. application, and got medicinal flower
    Goodie, now more progress

    Now only sky key mission open, where could it be?
    Okay at the chasm now, and missing a seat... Ah got it
    Need a key for the elevator now.

    Okay, seen the sky key

    Got it

    Okay, almost there. Just have to figure out how to divert the soldiers

    Nooooooooooooooo! I went back to the trading machine, added an item, and now my character is sitting on the floor, and I can't do anything
    Guess I need to start over, and I was almost at the end

    Replayed now, and finished
    Phantastic game, apart from that bug at the end of the game.
    I have added a warning to the first post for now.


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      Fun! Love these games.


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        I'm sitting at the tailor's shop. Can't move, and I haven't even seen soldiers yet.

        Fun game, but too long to restart


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          You sat down?
          Most people have encountered this "K.O. bug" towards the end of the game as I did, but somebody on Newgrounds encountered it at the Scavenger's place.
          If you sat down and can't move, I'm afraid you need to start over

          I don't know what triggers this "K.O. bug", but I hope Zeebarf will read the comments and find a way to fix it.


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            It is a very cute game otherwise.

            (tempted to re-start )

            RATS !! went to the tailor again, and

            ...then I just sat down again !
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              I caught up pretty fast when I replayed, as I did things following a strategy because I knew a lot
              Plus, if you double click, your character will run, this speeds it up too

              Awww, that's too bad
              Did you


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                Ooooh.... don't think I did

                3hird time a charm ??!!


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                    Completed but with lots of help!

                    Yes, I like all these (zeebarf?) games too. looking forward to next one allready!


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                      I love this game...... Please keep post more games like this!!!
                      ThE CoOlEsT KaT EvEr


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                        Great game! thank you for the hint about the


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                          cool game thanks for postin it
                          keep on keepin on


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                            What a fun game, I like this one even more than the first (which I was very fond of!) Does anyone know if there is a way to...

                            Just making sure i'm not missing an alternate ending. There were so many ways to get things done in the first one.

                            Thanks for posting Mistery!
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                              okay how do you get sky key and get food for that trader person? love zeebarf games keep coming out with more!! okay just finished with absolutely no bugs great game...clown thing scared me a little though to get sky key
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