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  • Exmortis 3

    Explore a post apocalyptic world as you seek revenge and salvation in the long awaited 3rd title of the Exmortis series of epic horror point-n-click games.

    Note, this is just the free online demo.

    This game is not suitable for young players!

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.
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    Yay! I've been dying for an epic horror p n c adventure game!

    Oh. It's a demo version. I need a gun. Can't get through some doors. Got a lot of stuff though.

    I may have to actually buy the full version after payday.
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      Is there a clue how to wire the circuit board or do you just keep trying until it works?


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        Hehe, I'd like to know that, too

        I *think* I've found a clue.

        Yep, it was a clue

        Done with the wires

        Also got

        Entered apartment 23


        Can't enter other rooms.

        Went outside to car. Found

        Went to market city, found

        Went back to "rear of industrial building", found

        Nobody else playing? I'm near to giving up for now...


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          yay! I've been trying for the past year to register for gamershood and each and every time it has failed!!!
          i'm stuck! i don't know what to do about the guy shooting at me! i tried giving him
          but he won't take or any other item! he doesn't take bribes very nicely....

          i am proud of myself for getting so far without a clue and now i need one!!! gosh

          wait! where did you find the candle holder, mistery?
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            to GamersHood Forums Blaise, it's good to hear that you've managed to register

            I've found the candle holder

            Hmmm, it seems that we should be able to
            but none of the items I tried have worked so far.


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              I have tried to find it there via sense but haven't found it there or anywhere else for that matter. oh well, i doubt it will help with the sniper.

              oh by the way, did you see the person walk by in the distance on the second floor in the hallway. i doubt there's any significance there, either.
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                My "sense" has so far never helped me to find anything

                I think the candle holder was

                Got a few items (see my post #4) but I don't know what to use and where
                Plus I couldn't enter other locked rooms yet.


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                  oh, of course.... i didn't look hard enough. thanks!

                  I'm pretty sure you won't be able to get into the other apartments. it says it's locked up tight so, who knows for sure.
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                    Okay, then what about the window of apartment 23 and the Subway Station. For both it's mentioned that you need some brute force

                    Btw, could you use any items apart from clue note, wires, fireplace poker, and apartment key?


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                      maybe that's how you get to the sniper! through the window!

                      i broke the window

                      yes. i was also able to use the
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                      • #12
                        I used the poker

                        Ah, thanks gonna try to break window

                        Hmmm, where did you use it?
                        Ah, used it
                        I'm going to try the number

                        Yay, worked, got a watch


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                          i used it

                          the window is now smashed but i have no idea about what to do next.

                          oh, i had no idea i had already used the poker. i already had that item
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                            Hmmm, dunno either, opening the grate at the station doesn't work with telekinesis...

                            I've read sth about


                            • #15
                              i noticed that. maybe there's another route to take to get in the subway. the route is probably after you find a way to get around the sniper.

                              where is the letter! i've been looking for it.

                              nvm. i see it now....
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