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  • Dui and the Phoenix Ring

    Dui and the Phoenix Ring is my latest point and click adventure game. It tells the adventure of Dui, son of drunkard peasant. He ended up in jail when he was caught without money to pay for his liquors because his wallet was stolen. This drove him into a quest to get rich and have power. Play free game here.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
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    twig - key - bucket - bucket with water .. movement is by zones and people don't move. Very odd .. click on little square or person to see new text if available with each new scene. will I adjust?
    (watching college football and beng distracted.)

    Does pay to zoom in on some areas in this game.
    out the gate and having a time with that .. trial and error.
    Thought I had next two moves but .. mis-mapped or something. I'll be back .. need to do email and get pup out .. maybe a short game. Starting over may let me see something I missed first time.
    Trying again

    repeat except last move is down.
    Cem is clue to next part
    done! good game.
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