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    Robot Weapon, sponsored by CafeCafe Games, is a point and click adventure game for fans of Myst and Submachine with some Voltron and Godakin flavor. Build the mighty robot Cyclossus before Megastine wipes out your planet.

    Click here to play!

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    After entering the first room and viewing the pentagram puzzle. I wasn't able to return, and had to refresh.

    The key disappeared after I tried to use it on the desk. But it didn't open anything. Guess I have to start over again.

    This game seems to be complex. Lots of puzzles to solve. Gonna leave it for another day.
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      There do seem to be a couple of bugs like that where items vanish - if you have one keycard inserted, don't insert another one on top of it, or you'll lose the first one.

      The "backup" hotspot for the pentagram puzzle is at the top of the screen, for some reason.


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        hmmm....not that fun..and whats up with the words being all mangled
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