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    Originally posted by NannaJoy View Post

    I just moving along nicely .. and now rather puzzled.
    Nanna, I'm going to try my best for you.

    That should get you going

    @krisdone: go visit the dragon.
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    Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans


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      back to check bones for 4 instead of just 3 .. just used the 3 jewels. Hmm.. Blinks so fast. @Q$%$# Got two blinks/flashes and then the 3 jewels.? EDIT .. 4 jewels my mistake. have a print out. Found an item, used an item. & 2 more items.

      placed two items, got an item which lead to another another item.

      Time to get the pup out and pop a pill. Back shortly ..

      Thanks Tipper!! You were a great help.

      So will see about maybe
      60 f here in my neck of the woods.

      And done at last. Will check email and then play some more if Im not tired.
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        nice game, I'm thinking from the same makers as the escape the kitchen/bedroom etc games.

        Didn't use the toilet paper, maybe thats for part 2.