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    Just ask anything you want to know ^^
    (Regarding portugueses translations... I don't think I know how the universe will end on the other hand...)
    Even if u don't love me, I love U!


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      UGH language barrier! hate those
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        very fun game! I'm looking forward to chapter two!

        and it's not too difficult - even without speaking portuguese:

        first problem: you are a little, fat boy, who wants to be a superhero. you need to pass the 'porteiro da universidade' (guard of the university).
        you see the 'bandeira' (flag)?
        if succesful, the little fatty will show the guard a finger.

        second problem: you have to sign in. you don't have a pen (and, by the way, are not that good in writing). the strange man - nico - in the washroom sells pens. but you don't have the money yet.
        talk to the bizzare guys in front of the door. you'll need a bug to collect the money. buy a pen (caneta).

        third problem:to become a regular student, you need an immatriculation (matricula). batman can give it to you, but he is on the phone...
        after you get the paper, it will have to be signed from the director (coordenador). but he likes more to eat sandwiches, instead of talk with you. could you find something to make the sandwich more...hard to digest? (bola de boliche)

        fourth problem: you have to make a invisibly fluid. all you need is in the lab and even written on the chalkboard. and after you collect the ingrediants you need, you...flush.
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          Here is the English Version


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            Great that they've decided to create an English version
            Thanks for letting us know
            I've updated the first post, and the game will be replaced on asap


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              Hi, everybody! I´m the creator of Gordinho Adventure and I´ve made the english version because a lot of people couldn´t understand the game. Hope you like it and feel free to complain about anything.


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                to GamersHood forums thiaguera

                I haven't played the English version yet, but I'm sure it was a good idea to translate it
                I did finish the original version though.