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  • The Well

    A horror point and click game to run along BBC's mini series The Well.

    The aim of the game is to explore the house, collect all the Ogham stones, and uncover the sinister back-story of the well.
    Each level must be completed before you can move onto the next.

    At the time of posting, only the first episode is available. More episodes will be added, so check back regularly.

    The game is not suitable for young audiences.

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    hmmm lets see!
    This is gonna take a long time...

    These gave access to level 2 - upstairs...

    These gave access to level 3 - the well...

    Placed stones in final puzzle and finished
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      nice praphics. wanted to watch the episodes but it's not available in my area.


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        Originally posted by Spencer Cat View Post
        nice praphics. wanted to watch the episodes but it's not available in my area.
        Awww, too bad And it's usually me who gets such messages, except this time.


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          LMAO!!!!! it's too funny so I am not going to fix it!

          Did you watch the episodes...? if you did how were they?


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            Hehe, yes I thought it was a cute typo

            I watched episode 1.


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              Thanks for writing the synopsis. After reading your post I checked youtube and the first episode was posted there so I watched it. I guess it was made for kids, but I'm curious to see how it ends.


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                I'm stuck at the bathroom puzzle....


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                  There are 2 short fairly straight bones in the well that I can't tell where they go. I have a hard time "picking up" the bones and when I get to them I run out of breath. Anybody have a suggestion?
                  Edit: figured out the shorter one but still can't find the long one.
                  Just-M have you figured out the bathroom puzzle?
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                    I had a hard time with the bones too.. I think one went around right wrist, and another one might have been a rib.. I tried about 10 times before finally finished the game.

                    good luck...

                    (wished I had taken my science class more seriously... haha)


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                      That was great! Had some problems with the bones as well but finally made it
                      two straight bones:
                      hoping my anatom. dict. gave me the correct names
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                        to late at night to start this - will have to start earlier in the day. Did two puzzles - one took longer .. so best to start when I don't bedtime right around the corner.


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                          Now this is a unique marketing ploy to get us hooked on a series.
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