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Arcane Season 1: The Miller Estate: Episode 1

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  • Arcane Season 1: The Miller Estate: Episode 1

    Game link:


    Solve the puzzles before it's too late.

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    I can't solve The bottle rack

    So far this is how far I got

    Click on the cellar doors close to the left path.
    Click on the matches on your inventory. Prescott will light a match.
    Click on the lantern on the floor on the left side of the trunk. This will let you see more in the room.
    Click on the yellow raincoat. It will fall to reveal a hook. Click on the hook to take it.
    Go out of the cellar and go to the well. Someone will jump out and talk to you hysterically.
    While looking down, click on the up arrow and Prescott will turn the wheel to get to the end of the rope.
    Click on the hook and then on the end of the rope. Prescott will attach the hook and will lower the rope/hook down to get a bucket with a torn piece of paper.
    Click on the down arrow and Prescott will go back to the cellar.
    Get the key on the firewood crate on your left. Click on the key and click on the trunk. You will find it is empty. Go back out to the main screen.
    Click on the rug underneath the trunk. This will reveal a trapdoor. Prescott will go down.
    Click on the down arrow to go forward. Prescott will be facing a wine rack.
    Click on the top left barrel. Prescott will find it is empty, too, and find it strange.
    Click on the bottles on the right side of the wine rack. Prescott will pick up one of the bottles.
    Do the Dew


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      Never Mind

      Heres a helpful hint

      Put Brightness on high so you can actually see the numbers on the top

      all you need to do is put the bottles under VII

      Do the Dew


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        If you put 4 bottles in a line under the number 7 (VII) then a door will open on one of the barrels... Unfortunately, this is the end of the road and you will hit a 'To Be Continued...' Off to Act 2 I think....


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          i cant get back outside
          keep on keepin on


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            Help for the puzzle

            The book seal for chapter 1 is like Leonardo Da Vinci's picture of a naked guy. Here is a link to a picture of it.


            The puzzle only has one set of arms and legs though. The outside piece should have a line that will line up with the line going from the book bottom to the guy's private area.

            Hope this helps!


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              Please get this thing to work!!!


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                I can't open that link, is it dead?? I wanna play ((


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                    Can't open the link either
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                      i cant open the site
                      whats wrong with it??
                      i wanna play this game


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                        Alternate link:



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                          Arcane Season 3, 4 & 5

                          Can anyone give me the links to Arcane Seasons 3, 4 & 5?


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                            You can use the search function on this forum and type in e.g.
                            Arcane Season
                            You will get the games listed and you can choose the one you would like to play.


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                              Okay I am standing in front of the house what do I do

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