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    Originally posted by Nipsu View Post
    Okay, i'm stuck so i need help. I have now: lighter, sliced lemon, knife, fuse, scerdriver, green and - brown marble, mouse ( no batterys in it),camera ( i got from it memory card), Golden key, brown key( used), and finally i have mirror.

    Where i can get code to tv and metal box?

    And i have problem to get yellow marble down....

    PS. Sorry my bad english.. I'm from Finland...
    Okay, i have used black and golden key. What i need so i can computer
    to work? I have also light bulb but i can't get in the lamp.
    I get also orange marble with wrench down! Aaand i got tv work!! Yey!!

    Yeyy! I'm out of this game! Good game, thanks for the hints!
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      finally out - 40 minutes 26 seconds! thanks for hints about the colour code, the rest I discovered by myself


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        Anyone know how to light up the dark bedroom?

        I am pulling my hair out

        Got it!

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          see I was late getting here. Why can't I just stand on the table to reach that object? Hmm.. I do not have a key yet Have 9 things - found 10 but one used and gone.
          Now 18 things. Nice view.
          The man in this house is like someone I know - just leave the object where ever you use it.
          small hot tub .. and dinner about ready. Back in awhile
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            enjoy life


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              I had dinner and after dinner coffee on the porch mid game. Back and hunting room where I place items. I placed some there and found more in the last 10 or so minutes. i'll have to change order since I've found the two codes ..
              And done. As score depends on time I won't post mine.
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                Looking for things like

                Oh GEEZ!! Making a lot more progress now... missed an entire series of views!!

                Can't Find Purple Ball!!
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