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    Asylum 2 is a new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz. Some days don't go so well, this is one of those days. You are walking home late and see a light from inside the old asylum that hasn't been in operation for over twenty years. You decide to check it out..... Good luck and have fun!

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    hmm - need some keys or a sledgehammer. have 5 items.
    7 now. Distracted as General Hospital is on.
    LOL - thought I had an item to use - but that item was picked up in a different game. I used an item to get an item that I also used.
    Time for a porch break
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      Out with a little help from EG24.

      Never did use the
      for anything, though.


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        I went from porch to bed for a nap and I stopped by the kitchen to make a sandwich... brought my dinner to computer to see where I was. And Nin_man didn't leave me a clue for where to put it.
        Found the place for it! Yippee. And a bit more progress.
        Too break to check email - thought something would come to me while doing something else. One more run through the rooms to see if I can find something and then to bed. Found green gem!

        Back - and I made lousy notes yesterday.

        Time to check with EG I guess .. I found one more thing that I didn't find yesterday. can't force clock. things that should go some place. a list of things I could use. Hot spots that don't seem to have a thing.

        One key I have not found is listed on EG is in the first 3 items someone else found. OK - they had found other things .. LOL as I had to find other things first.

        Out ..
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          the controls made it kinda annoying...
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            Getting all kinds of paper here... and a few things
            Wish it had a map so I knew where I was going

            Did use a bit of help from the walkthrough (would have missed way too much otherwise!). Very nice game though!
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