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  • Lenny Loosejocks Goes to Pluto

    Originally posted by Lilliputt

    Point and click adventure game
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    i cant get passed the water or the strange plant thing!

    why does tht always happen?! u write for help and u solve a problem! i just went through the water.. lol

    I liked tht game! its rocked!
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      i got to the big purple thing, and everytime i click it, it just spits ashes in my face.

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        how do u unactivate the bomb nm done it now


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          ok, i got to the bomb, but cant do the red buttons!!!
          Don?t say I?m out of touch
          With this rampant chaos- your reality


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            Originally posted by dancerpointe992
            ok, i got to the bomb, but cant do the red buttons!!!
            2nd in from left at top then 2nd in from right at bottom then the corners


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              How do you get past the sharks?

              NVM figured it out.

              Can you be a little more specific about second in from right on top and second in from left on bottom. I've done that and still can't get the lights to turn green.
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                To deactiave the bomb
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                  Thank you!!


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                    walkthrough plz or i get bored to this game its like a maze. and u know what i do if i get bored.

                    NVM i win and i may give walkthrough.

                    maybe im too lazy.

                    What about then games where lenny plays too like lenny on mars??
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                    What is better than room escape games???? =)

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                      Short game

                      Finished in 9 minutes so it is short but still fun.


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                        thn i beat yu my time was 4:34
                        i got the rank of general

                        edit: i managed to squeeze out another 6 seconds from that time yay!!
                        so i throw down the gauntlet to yu surely i cant b the fastest here?


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                          I suck...I'm not getting anywhere...

                          Edit: Nevermind I finsihed thanks to dolg!

                          Yay 4:26 woot!
                          4:20 now...okay I'm done.
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                            Easy but fun!
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                              I am soooool lost. I can't get past the water. I'm horrible at these games

                              nvm i got, I do have problems
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