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  • Abandoned Asylum

    This Abandoned Asylum once housed thousands of patients from all over the world. It was shut down over 50 years ago due to unexplained phenomena. Over the last few years many explorers have searched for the secrets that lie deep within the asylums confines, some never to return. Your curiosity has brought you here to search the depths of this desolate site and uncover whatever darkness lies within.

    Play Abandoned Asylum Here!

    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    Going in.......


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      Have fun!


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        Love these! Where in the world do you find these crazy places?
        Going in too... may take a while though (trying to play as I work--shhh don't tell the boss (hubby))


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          WOW, what just happened? I played for a few minutes, then clicked the down arrow in the first room and exited the game with the following message: Congratulations! You made it through the abandoned asylum unscathed...... You collected 15 orbs and your score was 142.

          Wha happened??


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            Hahaha Scissors, you seem to have found a bug

            Hmmm, I thought for the compass puzzle, I had to use the hint from
            but didn't work

            Got items:
            crowbar, cloth hanger, bottle with purple liquid, book, map.
            Seen one of the gems, but can't take it yet.


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              I'm back in and am very aware of my postioning now. Same thought I had Mistery; still working on it.


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                I fixed that end game bug. Sorry it was for me for testing and I forgot to take it out.


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                  Any news Scissors? Haven't found any keys yet, and nothing new
                  Guess I'm going to stay in the asylum and become even more than I am


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                    I have a meeting, gotta go. Unfortunately, I didn't see a way to save. Oh well. Good luck everyone!


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                      I figured something out and got my first key! LOL
                      and on I plod..


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                        I checked there was only one answer according to the anagram server!


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                          Ummmm, how is


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                            Oh.. sorry... was just the

                            I have to leave for a while (going to just keep it open until I get back)... work beckons!
                            Last edited by SueJ999; 01-14-2011, 18:38:35.


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                              Figured it out, thanks anyway
                              Almost dinner time here.

                              Got gold key, used, and got silver key.
                              Used silver key, got red key.

                              Found knife and hammer.

                              Got purple gem and red gem.

                              Opened door with number code.

                              Opened locked box and got green key.

                              Got magnifier. Got a code, need to figure out where to use it.

                              Well, my post starts to sound like a diary or log. So:

                              Captain's Log - stardate 7130.4
                              Orbiting around the asylum. Nobody to be seen, except a creature that wants crystals.
                              Found "strange tiles" but dunno what to do with them, tried my items on them without success.
                              Plus, I need a screwdriver...