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El Misterio de CengLang (Mystery of Chen Lang)

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    Originally posted by skittles
    dude, am i supposed to go inside the room where i got the gun from? it wont let me since i turned all the switches off
    You have to turn off all the switch except the third one, this will turn everything off but the door to the office, when you go in office click window and she smashes it.
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      I hate the fact that i can do everything in the game but shoot the damn guy, so annoying its impossible to get him! impossible!!!!
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        Mystery of Chen Lang

        A point-and-click game where they send you to a building to investigate a murder. Collect items and use them in the correct spots.

        I checked but I'm unsure if this is already posted.
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          hmm i get shot in the elevator. is there something i have to shoot in there?
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            Yea me too. I have 300 bullets but no gun


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              Iv now been in all other rooms but i cant avoid getting shot


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                So far I have:

                this is where i am stuck. i cannot go into the other room or i get shot
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                  This game is already here. I merged this thread with this old thread.

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