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AYITI - The Cost Of Life

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  • AYITI - The Cost Of Life

    Point & Click game from UNICEF
    The Guinard family of five is struggling to get by in rural Haiti ("Ayiti" in Haitian Creole). The father, Jean, and mother, Marie are doing their best to give their teenage son and daughter, Patrick and Jacquline, and their little boy, Yves, the best life possible.

    The family has a simple home and a farm that earns them a little money. Jean and Marie have very little education, but they're working to help their kids get an education and improve their chances for a comfortable life.

    There are a few international NGOs (non-government organizations) trying to help members of the impoverished community, but they need volunteers to get any major project off the ground.

    The Guinard family faces some difficult challenges resulting from poverty, severe weather, and even potential violence. But if they're careful and lucky, they may have a chance at a better life.

    You have four years to help the Guinard family as they confront the "cost of life." Good luck!

    Play here

    Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

    Cℓĭck Here to pℓαγ "Tђє First Door"
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    cool game!

    With bob.
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      This game is addicting! I finally managed to keep them all alive and get one of them a degree. Woo hoo!
      (p.s. those little gravestones are sad)


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        This is fun but its pretty hard and i never win. they always go broke or die.

        lol, all my people died and i had -14056 goud
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          i cant even get past the 2nd season they always die or go poor


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            This game is pathetically addicting. My friend and I were on the phone playing it for two hours. Then I went to her house and we played it. It's a sick sort of obsession.

            Unfortunately I always end up killing someone
            however she never does

            I have played over a hundred times and learned some tricks
            i don't know if they would count as "spoilers" as much as helping?
            just advice? so i won't post them until I am sure they aren't spoilers.


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              You can always share the tricks Post them in spoiler tags. I have been playing this game everyday and I could really use some good tricks.
              Cℓĭck Here to pℓαγ "Tђє First Door"
              tђє мost cђαℓℓєηgĭηg oηℓĭηє qυєst.

              "We don't stop playing games because we grow old,
              we grow old because we stop playing games"


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                some spoilers


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                  Upgrade the living conditions to "Good" immediately and buy the home remedy every season and their health will remain constant. I played an entire game w/out sending one of them to the clinic this way.
                  Work for about half of the first year with noone in school, and then devote all of the education to one family member (I've had the most luck letting the older girl go to school full time).
                  Get a bike as soon as possible. You can reduce time in school if you buy books and a radio. The chickens also come in handy after you lose one income with someone in school.


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                    Thxs 4 helping but..I STILL CANT DO IT!!! :O (Maybe I have serious problems?)
                    Even if i set it to Good Living it still goes back to poor living :/
                    (Does it really matter what game stragety you choose?)

                    Well, I have succesfly made it without killing anyone! (Go figure)

                    Here are some tips.

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                      Game Recommendations?

                      I loved this game--any suggestions for similar ones?


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                        I loved this game too, but I have not found any games similar to it.. ::sniff::
                        For This One Day You Have Been Given.


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                          i love this game and have done really well shame its so short i think they should make a longer version


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                            THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!

                            None of my people have ever died. It's fairly easy. Here are my tried and true methods...

                            ...Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. I'll add to the list if I remember something. I hope this helps!!!
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                              I Love this Game i have been playing it far too much, think i have done about as well as i can, i can now get to the end with all my people alive and with 14 certificates :-)