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Super Sneaky Spy Guy 7: Search For The Golden Goblet

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    I can't find the freaking green gem and the black key!!! Help!!!

    ... k... nvm... found the green gem

    O_O.. finished it and actually I never found the silver key, what was it for and where did u find it???
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      Originally posted by Granny
      check the bathroom next to the master bedroom
      Ah ok.


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        I Found Everything Except The Clarinet In The Kitchen Can Someone Give Me A Hint Where Exactly Do I Have To Search?


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          Where is the passcode

          havent found anything what to do????????????????????
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            Originally posted by Cheeseninja
            Where is the passcode

            havent found anything what to do????????????????????
            If you are looking for passcode to disarm the alarm, See below:


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              The clarinet:


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                oooooooooh! i got it now!
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                  Wonder where this house is? I'd hate to have to board it up for a hurricane. Of course, with this much house you could afford help *grin*

                  I clicked and click after reading a clue but couldn't find the item mentioned there. Below is why.

                  LOL now "they" tell me the fan is missing something - bedroom in guest house - to the left closest to you looking at map. & I thought I was almost done!

                  had needed item. Finished! Not the best in this series.
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                    got the goblet!
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