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  • Csi

    CSI training game in swedish. Not sure yet if it's playable if you don't know the language.
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    Your right..i cant do anything...


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      i don't think this game is playable unless you know the language.

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        It's probably not.


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          I know the language, but it's hard anyway.


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            Are they making fun of CSI? because if they are, I am soooo made. And also, this game is confusing.


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              Ive found 7 spots and investigated them, have 3 suspects, a bag with white powder, one ammo
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                First of all, no one is making fun of CSI here...this is a game in true CSI-spirit...second, Im norwegian, and Im having biiiiiig trouble here...can't seem to find anything...

                Found the kokain now...have 2 fingerprints, a bulletcase and the dope..


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                  I give up...tried all 3 scenarios now...


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                    This game is hard. It's the only thing i can say


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                      Originally posted by Sadetta
                      Ive found 7 spots and investigated them, have 3 suspects, a bag with white powder, one ammo
                      The white powder you found is drugs.


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                        This is hard.


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                          i have 7 spots highlighted, shell from bullet , a fingerprint and 3 suspect..what do i do now???

                          now i have black things with some white..drugs possibly and a roll of money..dunno how i got it

                          never mind i arrested my first guy.
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                            It's Hard =/

                            Hmm this game is really hard.... Even if you're from Sweden trust me I am from Sweden =/
                            A really hard game

                            But I love CSI hehe


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                              Is there any Swede who can create a walkthrough?

                              Aye, I agree with you all - this one is hard to solve...! I am a deaf Dutchman living in the UK. I am using fluent English and Dutch. (German and French are OK.) I have been on holidays to Sweden about 10 years ago and I know that they are using English over there too, but why on earth did not they do that with this game????

                              By the way, I got 7 clues and 4 suspects, but even I got stuck at the moment!