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  • Snowstorm
    GACKT is the best
    I love GACKT

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    the game's sort of glitchy. round 2 the cursor highlights red but nothing happens.


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      I think you have to click in the right order.


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        that was really easy
        french translation : " ... i have rabbits.... in my trousers"
        lmao top gear ledgends


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          I did it

          To win the game you have to find all questions and answer them correctly


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            I think i beat it but then don't think so. I clicked on everything I could and got the guy in the house then a message pops up saying you got 300 pts and that there are more things....?

            nvm got to the next part

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              Any ideas on how to access the other situations after you pass the tests?
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                When mine froze I used right click 'play', and it moved to the next section. See if it works for yours.

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                  Originally posted by TheImpQueen View Post
                  When mine froze I used right click 'play', and it moved to the next section. See if it works for yours.
                  Lol. That last post was over a year ago.
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