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    Originally posted by three
    The minute I come out on the roof with the rod, the eggs are gone. Can someone help?

    ur sposted to b on the ground duh!!!!
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      Heh, I love it. Very creative with the phone book and computer stuff I think.
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        Originally posted by Britt
        I'm trying to use the gun and the ammo together but they're both in the inventory and it'!!!!!
        click on 'use' then click on Gun and then click on the bird, the game will begin u dont have to click the ammos, and yes if u are standing on the roof and using the GUN it wont work come down to the yard and then do it.


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          Woo! Finished! It was quite fun and I likes the credits at the end
          If you like reading, go here:

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            Loving the game....very funny and interesting.
            Liked the pong game in the start up disk. Real original.
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              Originally posted by I'M NAKED!!!
              i cant get the sugar i dunno why

              can anyone help me???
              i tell u why u need the lighter from your room and then go all the way down
              and then u know the stair next to it click use your lighter and find it away thair ok i finsh this game.
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                Plz some one help me! i no find the bathroom!

                Found it

                Cool game. Done it!
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                  cool game


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                    The complete walkthrough

                    First, how to get to certain rooms:


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                      Hahahaha! Funny game! Tips here made it easier, nice....


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                        Originally posted by Unregistered
                        Here is where you can find a walkthrough, if you need one

                        Hey thanx alot. i really needed the walkthrough. thanx again

                        Originally posted by ChrisJon
                        Hahahaha! Funny game! Tips here made it easier, nice....
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                          Walkthrough plese


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                            hw the do u get the bird???? its doin my head in!!!


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                              okay I need to kno where the bullets are and How to get utencils

                              kk nvm I finshed
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                                Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
                                Where do you get the bullets for the gun??
                                how do you get into your parents room