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  • Rally

    Another point-and-click game in Russian by the creator of "Subjugation of the Mountain". You need to get the car ready for a rally by clicking at the correct spots, and by solving puzzles.

    Play Here



    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]
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    Hmmm stuck at the valves anybody got by this bit yet?
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      i dont have a clue what to do
      all he is doing is shrugging his shoulders

      EDIT : i think im getting somewhere

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        i dont even know where to start... any help?


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            Yeah... I'm stuck at the valves.... can anyone help with that?? I'll come back later to give it another go.

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              stuck at the arrows game
              latinnn =)


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                Thanks for the

                crowbar but I'm having a hard time with the arrows too.


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                  ok, i'm at the pipe part what do i do?

                  edit: i have a hunch, but it's just a guess, i'm guessing that you make all the valves lead to each other, try to make them face top left firts if not bottom right, but make them face into eachother and get to there like those connect the pipe games


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                    I'm stuck on the pipes too. I think you need to connect the arrows but, haven't been able to yet. Anyone got it?


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                      havin trouble with arrows? any buddy got a walkthrough?

                      need walthrough
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                        He won't get crowbar. Just shrugs. What am I doing wrong? Very Frustrating.
                        Knew if I posted it would start working.


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                          I'm stuck on the pipes too. Can anyone help plzzz???
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                            Here is a guide for solving the fuel tank puzzle.

                            Here is a picture of the solution:

                            Unfortunately the valves change with each game, so it is not possible making a walkthrough of how to get the solution.

                            However, the following website is available.

                            Lights Out

                            It's based on the same puzzle as the fuel tank puzzle. So instead of a walkthrough, here's a guide on how to use that website.

                            First of all, change the rows and columns to 3, and the states to 4. There is an English version available in the drop down menu to the left.

                            Now, in order to use the website to solve the fuel tank puzzle, each colour must correspond with the number of turns it would take a valve to be turned in the right direction.

                            Pink means that the valve is one clockwise turn from being aligned right. Blue is two turns, and yellow is 3 turns. So click the squares to get the corresponding colours according to the puzzle you have in the game.

                            However, since the upper left valve has 4 arrows going in all directions, you will have to experiment with that one. Figure out the colours of the other 8 valves and then try each of the 4 colours (grey also counts as a colour, but it means 0 turns), and see if the program gives you a solution.

                            Once you have put in the colours, you press the Set button which changes to a Solve button. Then you press the Solve button to check for solutions. If it says there is no solution, try another colour for the upper left button.

                            I have come across several times where I did as mentioned above, and tried all 4 colours for the upper left valve, yet there was no solution. I'm not sure if that is because of an error in the program or if alignment of the valves is simply chosen at random, so that there might not always be a solution.

                            All this probably confuses more than it helps, so let me give you a little example.

                            Here is the puzzle I have got in my game:

                            So according to the solution picture, the top middle valve needs to be turned 2 times, the top right 0 times, the left middle 3 times, the middle 2 times, the right middle 0 times, the left bottom 3 times, the bottom middle 3 times and the bottom right 1 times. That way they will all be aligned like the solution picture.

                            So the grid would look like this:

                            Remember that grey is 0, pink is 1, blue is 2, and yellow is 3. So you'd put the colours on the website as follows:


                            Now I tried all 4 colours with the top left button, and found out that it needs to be red, i.e. be turned once for the puzzle to be solvable.

                            Pressing the Solve button then prints numbers on the buttons on the website. In my case it reads:


                            That simply means to click the number of times on each valve. So I click the top left valve 3 times, the top middle 2 times and so on. The order in which you click them is not important, only the number of times.

                            Once you have done that, if it looks like the solution picture, press the upper button with Cyrilic written on it. If the light turns green, you have solved the puzzle and can press the button beneath it.
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                              Fuel Tank Puzzle

                              ThemePark are you sure that is the right solution b/c I got that and it was wrong? It gave me a red light still.