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  • Hidden Chapter 1

    A new online point-and-click adventure has been released, enjoy!

    Play Here (Spanish version)

    Play Here (English version)

    Play Here (New: International page to choose from different languages)

    Tipp: save your game from time to time using the options

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    The game is not suitable for children.

    "Patagonia, 1922. A hindi millionaire philanthropist and a basque scholar penetrate into the dark and unexplored mountain forests in search of an underground city, mentioned in ancient mapuche legends. Santiago Achotegui will be summoned to the encounter and for the task he will have to take with him all the knowledge and astuteness.

    The search is real, but the challenge is unimaginable. Prepare yourself to prove your cunningness and your capacity of amaze, and go with the main character into an epic journey trough a dark world full of hidden mysteries with a glance that reminds the best tales of H.P. Lovecraft."

    Info about the game

    Click image for larger version

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    The Spanish version has been released, therefore I open this thread.

    For those who would like to play it in English, please have some patience: you need to wait 2 weeks. The link to the English version will be added as soon as it is out.


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      I have found
      but can't do much else.

      Oh, I lowered the volume as well. So three things.


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        I have the same. I think the game may be a little "buggy". After looking around for a bit, when I click on an item, the text doesn't stay long enough for me to read it or it just flickers. And I can't find anything else to do.


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          Well, the game has just been released and it says version 1. I assume that bugs should be fixed soon if they get reported.
          I've experienced the same as you, and I've reported it in their forum in the Technical Support subforum:


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            spanisch should not be a problem for me ,so ,let s play

            the game is sooo slow ,is this the same for everybody ?
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              I will wait for the 15th. I have my calendar marked. In the meantime you multi lingual people can play and have a walkthough all ready for me!! KTHXBAI!!


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                Originally posted by old biker
                spanisch should not be a problem for me ,so ,let s play

                the game is sooo slow ,is this the same for everybody ?
                Not when I started, but then it became slow for me because it used a lot of CPU.


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                  i m affraid this is wasted time
                  except for
                  there is nothing to find


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                    Now let's wait first for the answer of the creators, as I said I've posted about the flickering text, and also that we seem not to get forward with our items. I've asked them to check it, and I'm sure they'll reply me.


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                      I found

                      well, I give up until the English version comes out...I flunked Spanish class LOL
                      I'm addicted to escape games!

                      :elephant: :elephantbye: :elephant: :elephantbye: :elephant: :elephantbye: :elephant: :elephantbye: :elephant: :elephantbye:


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                        It was working really good for me for about 10 minutes. Then cursor started flickering, screen was jerky and everything went to slow motion.

                        Very nice graphics, looks like it might be a good game if they get the bugs fixed.


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                          Good news: They have fixed the bug
                          I was also able to get out of the room now.
                          And: at this moment I don't have those CPU problems which made the game run slow. I hope that this will stay like this.

                          Okay I've found

                          Also found

                          Hmmm, I'm stuck now...


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                            Where did you find the

                            NVM Out of the first room now. Didn't know there was more to do afterwards.


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                              Outside. Have you already left the room?

                              Yay, found a

                              Yep, used

                              Now help me to get into the other house

                              Okay, I got now