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Trapped Part 1 - The White Rabbit

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  • Trapped Part 1 - The White Rabbit

    This is the first part of a point and click adventure in which you need to solve a murder and to get out of the house. Find items, and use them at the correct place to advance. You can save your game to get back to it.
    Good luck!
    (Please also read the tips under the game screen)

    Background Story:
    "Trapped is an online adventure game in three parts where a man wakes up in an unknown room the morning after his wife left him. When he opens his eyes, he discovers a body lying by his side. Now he's gotta find out what happened, who's the dead man, who killed him, where he is and why he's there. But sorting that out and leaving the house will prove more complicated than it seemed at a first glance."

    Play Here



    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]


    Click image for larger version

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    I found half of the items..but can't do anything now!

    maybe I'll try it again later


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      Found a lot of things. Used a lot of things. Is anybody here that wants to exchange hints?

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        I've found a lot and used just about all of them. I'm down to
        If anyone has any questions up to this point I'll be glad and TRY to help

        Found a simple walkthrough in the comments of the game:


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          Also found lots of things, and been in many rooms.

          Here a list of items i have

          And some stuff i've already used (maybe I forgot some)

          If someone can help me a bit further I would be glad.

          EDIT; never mind I've seen your walkthrough bmatt. Thanks it helps alot!


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            Edited my post above


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              too many items for me, I got lost
              anyone got an new game to share?

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                I'm out! With a little help from bmatt's walkthrough


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                  Great game. Though everything seems too small... would like a larger version.


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                    cool game!!! can't wait to play the next part!
                    I'm addicted to escape games!

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                      I can't find the "wall patch" outside.

                      EDIT: Nevermind, POP!


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                        WTH?! I'm stuck this game won't let me do anything.

                        I don't feel like starting over. I just love bugs in games...


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                          i don't understand the piano part , the walkthrough says middle, middle, right, right, glass, glass........but what middle and what right? key letters would be better like C, C, and D, D or somesuch. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                            Personally, I didn't experience any bugs.

                            Btw, I find this game really great I also wish the screen was bigger, but the graphics are phantastic Looking forward to the next 2 chapters.


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                              =( The dude walks way too slow. But the game is great.
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