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  • Horrid Henry 2

    Margaret has a Double Drencher4000 which Henry wants to have badly, but she wants 30 Gizmos for it. Help Henry to find the 30 hidden Gizmos in time.
    Good luck!

    Play Here

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Click image for larger version

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  • #2
    found 24 and got 40 sec. left and got borred :>
    anyone got an new game to share?

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      Had 4 left to find and ran out of time, really annoying music lol
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        any body knows what to do with the keys?

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          im done it was an easy game
          The great Funiax is back! (Hopefully) Post your progress on Stupidscape if you think you're the ultimate riddle solver! MoneySeize is an addicting game, dunno if it's on here.


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            i love the music but how do you use the items
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              this game is not so good. you have to click very distinct places. i don't know if it's just badly made or if it has bugs, but sometimes he won't move to the spot you click. and you have to click the floor, and he'll just bump in to stuff. you don't actually click the items

              Am I the only one out there that uses my iPhone to take pictures of clues so that I don't have to write them down or remember them?


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                The kids face creeps me out. Also why does everybody walk around with their hands in their pockets?


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                    that was a fun little time waster
                    I'm far to blessed to be stressed by your mess!!!!


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                      i had more 2 to find and ran out of time
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