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    The second version(demo) of "Archipelago"

    He who fights and runs away can run away another day.

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    I Am The First!!!! Yay Yay Yay! Nearly Holidays!!!! Nearly Christmas!!! Nearly New Year!!! Nearly Year 8.......


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      first post ever...

      Umm... this is my first post ever... anyone got a walkthrough?
      I'm stuck, can't do anything worth it in this game...


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        I have no idea what to do, I think I found all the clues (bits of paper) but have no idea where to use them. Or how the thing with the lights or the palm trees work. I would love some help.
        btw I couldn't do the first part either without a walkthrough.


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          I only managed to pushed the 1st column down. With the lights u have to get on the island where is the metal switch with 6 dots on it. 2,4,6 dots are lit, and at the background u see the lights in the water. U have to lit only 3 of them, but in the same order. Go to the opposite hill where u find another metal switch with 6 triangles. and lit the correct 3 of them. then go back and press the button. the tower will go down.
          Enter the door, and u'll see colums with different lights.
          And that is where I got stuck..... it does not work....
          I tried every composition possible with the piece of diamond that I got.
          Anyone know what to do?


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            i only get the music paper note..., a map, and skelaton.
            what next? maybe i should wait for the walkthrough..


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              all the little bits of paper around that have letters on and little patterns, the patterns are morse code of that letter but some of the papers have music notes I've only found three even though there are 4 bells, has anyone found four?

              the morse code under the music notes on the paper are T, M and O but since those codes are one dash, two dashes and three dashes its probably just about the number of dashes not the letters

              N e one figured this part out yet? i still cant get the right bell order...


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                Triangles and lights

                To get the tower to drop and light the correct lights find the metal stand with 6 triangles. Light middle and last trianges on the first row and the 1st triange on the second row. Then go to the metal stand with the 6 dots and push the button.


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                  1014 is MXIV in roman numerals, make the trees bend like that, and you can get to a door


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                    This is so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      i don't understand the post about the tower but I did manage to find twelve papers with notes and morse code. that about it...-__-;


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                        oops! I broke the white crystal!


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                          colored crystals

                          there are three groupings of colored crystals (the white one will break off).

                          After you get the tower to go down and can enter the door there is a tall thing that lights up as the same colors of the crystals.

                          I can't get it to work but, maybe you are supposed to hit the colored crystals in the same order as the thing lights up.


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                            dead trees

                            if you look carefully you will see little symbols carved in the dead trees. Wonder what they mean


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                              Anyone find out something else already?
                              I am so stuck!! Pease help