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    wat drain


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      walkthrough lvl 1

      when the two green aliens land on our hero`s planet, they pick green fruits, after that you need to click on the doghouse, it will start the whole trouble with kidnapping our poor puppy..


      after the rocket lands, click on the third round window from up, the dwarf comes out and immidiately gets caught by the evil plant. click on the green bug on the left, and move it to the evil plant that caught the dwarf, it will bite the plant and the dwarf will be released. click on the far left side of the planet, you will see a small arrow and the dwarf will go to the other screen.

      click on the round 'door' in the giant grey orb, our dwarf will go there and the inside of the orb will be revealed. click once on the right knob. click on the middle bottle`s cork, it will fall on the ground. click on the cork to get it. go left. click on the smaller weird sucking animal, it will fall back, the bigger one will take care of the smaller one, then you must click on the hole in the branch next to the bigger animal, the dwarf will put the cork there. click twice on the knob of the water pump, it will pump water into the big kettle. then go right, click on the monkey until it jumps from one poppyseed to another, and then the biggest one should release some seeds into the funnel, directly into the kettle. turn the button on the heater, it will increase the flames under the kettle, until boiling, you should see bubbles coming out of the kettle.

      turn the water on, it will flow directly into the barrel, which will make the snail stop banging the hammer and drink the potion, which will put him to sleep immidiately. pick up the hammer. the dwarf will go back to the rocket landing scene. click on the sleeping robot. the dwarf will hit the robots head which will activate him - he opens the gate down, the dwarf jumps into the open gate.


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        im finished dat was da coolest game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        its a pity chaoter 2 isnt free

        its a pity chapter 2 isnt free
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          honestly, they ought to have a warning say !!This will suck you in and leave you hanging unless you fork out money!!!

          I know they cost money to make and they ought to be able to sell them, but they should let you know in advance...
          tip: never eat more than you can lift


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            click on the right side of the pipe, the dwarf will follow but the pipe gets broken, the fly comes out of the hole on the right. click on the round thingy beneath the pipe on the left side, it will fall down clearing the way for the bug which is moving up and down. when the bug will pass the sleeping animal, click on the animal, it will devour the bug and right after puke it out. click on the fly which is resting on the mushrooms beneath the pipe, it will sit on the pukes. click on the dwarf, he will jump which will move the pipe making the fly go straight into the spiderweb. the spider catches the fly and makes a cocoon. click on the cocoon, the dwarf uses it to reach the hole.

            click on the fridge, it will open and the rat will come out heading up into the hole in the ceiling. click twice on the hole in the ceiling, a plug will fall out. plug in the plug into the one on the left wall, then go into the right tunnel to the other screen, take the torch hanging on the wall, go back. click twice on the fridge wire, it will plug it in, the fridge will start working and vibrating, it will move towards the left side revealing a manhole. click on the hook, the dwarf will remove the iron lid and go down.

            click on the hanging thing on the right, and when the water level starts to fall, click on the valve on the left. then click again the hanging thing on the right, when the water disappears, click on the lower valve, a small round door on the right opens, click there.

            in the next vessel - the three small valves have red marks on them, move them so that the red marks create a straight vertical line, then click the big valve, the chain will move and the water will disappear

            click on the hole on the right, the dwarf will move there. in the next screen, click on the coin on the rope, it will activate the automat, press 1, take the wrench from the robot, and use it on the 3 smaller bolts on the apparatus, then repeat the coin activation, press 2 and use the bigger wrench on the last bolt

            click on the mechanism to destroy it. the alien will get anxious, the dwarf will move to the other screen which will take some time. be patient. the dwarf will appear on the upper level, you must click on the hole up in the ceiling, the dwarf will climb up there. in the room with green fruits, click on the left thingy on the wall to close the fruit dispenser. remove all the green fruits from the right container to the right one, and click on the empty one, the dwarf will jump into it, which will bring him straight to the last room.
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              is there any illegal download links of samorost?


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                if there are such links , let me know!


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                  this game seems to be having alot of problems loading the woodlouse section and the section with the fridge because it has hung there for a long time on both and didn't appear.


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                    Is the game finished when you get into the lift?


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                      no, I've gotten to the small chamber where the fridge is before, I just didn't have time to finish it yestserday, but seems like something is wrong with it today.


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                        i cant use the spanner where are the bolts
                        keep on keepin on


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                          wat round thingy on the left


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                            I finished chapter 1. Boy, was that fun!


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                              Originally posted by GamersHood
                              I suggest you to register! Then you can change your posts etc.

                              But acctually i want to ask, can someone give me the code for the level with 4 wheels. I had to quit my game, now i want to continue but i don't know the code
                              Sure, i wanna register... how do i do that?


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                                Originally posted by Zebezd
                                Sure, i wanna register... how do i do that?
                                Ignore this post, now i'm in(NOW you'll be seeing me a lot)
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