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Submachine 5: The Root

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    That was so fun. Too bad it's nearly impossible for me to give hints with all the transporting.

    I will say that having speakers isn't exactly required, but you'll do a whole lot more running around if you don't have them.


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      That was awesome! I was sooo happy when I came to gamershood this morning and saw a new Submachine. Made my day!


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        That was great as always!
        Out with all 5 secrets.
        Thanks for the tips everyone.


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          I'm further then I was in my last post. I finally blew out the brick door, and got that Wisdom Gem, but there's a third and I have no idea where it is. On the upside, I do have all five secrets.

          That one really has me puzzled.
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          Don't forget you are awesome.


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            Did you


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              Thanks, Jack. I thought I'd need two more lead castings. Good thing I didn't. Here's too looking forward to Submachine 6.
              Don't forget you are awesome.


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                okay, last night, I blew up that brick wall and didn't even realize I had done it...tonight, no matter what I try, I can't blow it up!!! arrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!


                good game!!!I finally figured out the combo to blow up that brick door!!!
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                I'm addicted to escape games!

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                  great game! i love these game and i was about to post it wehen i found it lol but here it is! out with 100%
                  The great Funiax is back! (Hopefully) Post your progress on Stupidscape if you think you're the ultimate riddle solver! MoneySeize is an addicting game, dunno if it's on here.


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                    wow, that was hard, i neededits walkthrough, that was hard, but fun
                    PARTY ANIMAL!!!!


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                      Just finished the game with the 5 secrets! (Thank you for the spoiler, Jack). Fantastic game! Great puzzles! Can't wait for the next one!

                      Only, has anyone any idea what the purpose of the formula was and if it was possible to access the by spears protected chamber on the left of the dog statue?
                      Faily of Kzin



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                        just found this one. can't figure how to blow the door.


                        Man, I love these games!!!
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                          I'm out with all 5 secrets Nice game


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                            Originally posted by jack View Post
                            There's only one room in (1,2) with a light bulb, and it's covered, so I can't take it off the wall...

                            Never mind, I got it! I was in the wrong room!

                            Originally posted by madamebravado View Post
                            I can't find a thing in that location. All I can do is turn that wheel at the left, and that doesn't even do anything...

                            And how do you get through the brick wall?
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                              Originally posted by jack View Post

                              Where are there tubes on the grounds? And what power cube? I can't find it. That's the only secret I'm missing...

                              NVM got it
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                                REally need a map that shows us where we have been - just have areas appear on map as we reach them. Just getting started.
                                Note I thought had another link which I tried and it didn't work. Hmm. went back to bed and computer area .. nothing. So back to cave/tunnel to relook.

                                hmm.. thought I was a ways from that location and I'm back there. Twilight zone!
                                OK - all 3 things that are sort of like clocks are pointing up (hint 9) but nothing happening. Hmm.. Maybe each has to point to decoration on outside? Will try that.
                                Edit - that's the ticket!
                                Well - territory I've seen eons ago in an old Submachine game.

                                ARGH! after midnight .. I did find where to stick something but what good? Still need at least 3 things. Hope my notes to self are good enough for tomorrow as I need my beauty rest in the worst way. *poof*

                                5July - back. trying to get back to where I was. Checking to see if anyone is around.
                                Hmm.. need a flashlight. An area I've not been to before. have 4/5 .. evidently stuck coil in wrong spot? or need to use that lead casting?

                                OK - missing 1 secret. Grrr!
                                Thanks Jacks - missed one you listed second.
                                Did anyone go look for a room in the middle? one of the secrets.
                                I'm out - tah-dah!!!!
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