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    From the University of Nebraska--Lincoln Extension, Pest Private Eye is a Point and Click/Roleplaying game where players take on the role of Pest Private Eye, a detective who helps people solve their pest problems. The game teaches about pests and how to manage them using the integrated pest management approach. Your goal is to solve the mystery at Eureka Elementary School through interaction with characters in a 3D environment. You also pick up and use items where needed to solve the tasks in each room.

    Be a pest detective and help Eureka Elementary School! Pest Private Eye can be found online at

    Please do not hesitate to email me with questions or comments. The Pest Private Eye website at also offers a message board, flash movie, and resources that accompany the game. Also be sure to take the survey and tell us what you think after playing!

    Erin Bauer

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
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    Just a quick "warning" to players with dial-up connection:
    This game needs very long to load.


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      great game.
      the storyline is good, and so is the animations.
      great gameplay

      but I think there's a bug. when I go into the library I can't do anything. he keeps saying it's to hot. but I can't turn down the heat.

      and just one more thing. there should be a skip button, so you don't have to listen to all the conversation, if you want to play again
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        Thanks for the note about the library.

        If you have done this and it still has a "bug" I will report that to our programmers.

        Thanks for playing!

        P.S. Mistery is correct that if you have dial up the game will be slow to load. We have a CD version too that gets around this, but the free online version works better with faster connections due to the indepth programming of the game.
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          this is a great game lots of fun
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            Penny Poe:
            I tried to restart the game, and this time it worked.
            thanks for at great game
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            Not worth a hundred cents


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              I'm glad you liked it! Please be sure to pass this game along to your friends, it's a great way to learn something new as well as have fun :-)


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                I love it, but I kind of wish there was a way to skip the dialogue. I read faster than Penny talks.

                I think I've hit a wall, though. Could be a bug, could be just me missing something important. I can't finish up in the boiler room, outside, the playground, or the library, but I can't find anyone new to talk to or tools to pick up.

                EDIT: Turns out it was the latter. I could have just
                all along. And I guess there's an order to things - after I did that, I was able to complete the library and boiler room.
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                  Glad you figured it out! There is an order to some extent...but only in certain areas. Like many other "multi room" point and click games, you can visit the rooms but what you need may be somewhere else and you can't move further until you discover all the "clues."

                  As for the dialogue thing we hope to do in the next version is make it saveable so if you'd already been through a scene (like the Penny at the beginning) you won't have to listen through it again, you can load where you left off. Actually making the dialogue scenes skippable is possible and we had it like that for awhile, but in educational settings where we have kids do this, we want them to learn from what is being said and not skip through it. So it's kind of tricky. But we may be able to figure out a way to work around this. We are hoping to do a next version that will include more complexity and work out some of the "bugs."

                  By the way, we'd love to have anyone who has played this fill out the survey:
                  This will help us improve in the next version we do and we'll be able to see the trends for what people would like changed.

                  I have a long after submitting a new game here in the forum is it before the game goes up on the Gamerhood site?


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                    It really depends. I'm sure you've noticed that the "New Games" subforum hasn't really been updated dating back more than a month. And I think only an Administrator(Gamershood) can move the games into their proper subforum and be added to the main page.
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                      Originally posted by PennyPoe
                      I have a long after submitting a new game here in the forum is it before the game goes up on the Gamerhood site?
                      Usually within 2 days, but as Jeral said, GamersHood hasn't added many new games to - therefore we have a long queue of new games


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                        Adding game

                        Ah, I see. I noticed where it said this forum was the only place to submit new games...too bad we can't actually send to an email address or something so they know they are missing a lot of great games on their site :-) It's hard to know if they read this forum regularly.

                        I am pretty impressed with the amount of games they have on this site, so hopefully they do update it soon.


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                          Just played, it was nice, took a LONG time to load though.
                          I also walked around places because of the empty bottom row thinking i had missed things but turned out they were just empty slots.
                          do need a skip button but other than that, it's a nice educational game with nice graphics.
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                            Originally posted by HANFGARN View Post
                            but I think there's a bug.
                            Haha, a bug! Very funny...

                            Hmm...I can't seem to get rid of the German cockroach in the kitchen. I used the sticky trap, but she told me that I need more than just that to control the cockroaches.


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                              I went to the locker room forst and can't do anything with the rat poop. I have the janitors key, but, NONE of the other locations will load. And I was very patient. They never even began loading.