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Esklavos Chapter 15

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    I dont know what a fuse cover is so im stuck.

    Edit: ok now i know what it is. but i dont know how to get that to the colume.

    Edit2: oh and when i clicked it he said "i cant take the lid" which is the fuse cover which means im screwed.

    Edit3: oh yea the crowbar. forgot. got the lid now.

    Edit4: won. well it was hard at first but i got it now. also if its ok i will put in a walkthrough.
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      ARGH! Tried the one at
      and another one suggested here but nothing new happened - found all kinds of items - none end up in a pile of rust and can't use them - don't want to toss the wrong thing ..
      and once I play with the computer and it says OK - I can't get to it again - have restarted 3 times!


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        finally the new one is out!
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          Does anybody hve a walkthrough!?


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            It dose not seem to work at all for me. How do you guys use the items? I can't seem to use them. If I click and drag them over places they just fall back into the water?


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              All the image hints are gone, but there is a video on YouTube

              Strange as Angels, Dancing in the Deepest Oceans


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                I love that game. But i don't play anybody tell me how i play that game?


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                  Originally posted by john wick View Post
                  I love that game. But i don't play anybody tell me how i play that game?
                  Just click the Play Button.

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