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Crimson Butterflies

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  • Crimson Butterflies

    Explore the creepy world of darkness as you try to find your way around by clicking the right items. Based on the game Fatal Frame II.

    Click to play -

    WARNING - May not be suitable for younger players.

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]
    True Horror Lover


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    hmmmm, I'm dead...


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      Can't get off the screen with the trees and the 2 blue things bobbing up and down lol any help anyone, anyone else playing
      edit got a bit further got a note,stuck now anyone playing here
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        I am...

        It seems like you can edit the note...

        Got picture puzzle...still kind of stuck in this room...


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          help me plz i cant get off da blue screen ( im in da village i died
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          PlP sHoUlD bEdIfFeReNt oThEr wISe ThE world would be boring hahaha


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            im stuck to on picture with blue bobbing things?

            no its ok now figured it out

            woah this reminds me of 'the ring'

            aww crap i died
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              Ok, Stuck on the crying girl

              nvm, restarted and it worked
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                if you press the tab button it shows where you can click hope this can help


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                  Thanks Stacey .. I'm just starting and only found one & heard a ?giggle.
                  That doesn't work for me - just highlights ads and the like.

                  Now see a girl .. into house - now next room. So progress. At least 3 hotspots .. and a space to fill in. Hmm...
                  I looked up the word - several options - always combined with something else it appears. This has me stumped!
                  Tried something and said to myself "well, that is just silly .." but went to next room and died.
                  Clicked restart - getting no reaction from hotspots now. I'll try again later.
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                    yeah me too, can't get off the first page!??

                    ok so the trick about this is to just find somewhere you can click and keep clicking i think!!

                    well i got past the pic and into the corridor then i died!!

                    noone can ever escape from the lost village apparently.....

                    it didn't grip me enough to try again!!
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                      kinda dumb.... managed to get to the scene after the puzzle

                      think i'm quitting this one


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                        -screams- AHHHHHHHHH! That girl when you entered the village fricking scared me! I stopped after I got into the house. Someone hold me.
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                          After the puzzle and given in the word
                          it won't let me go further. I could hold the picture from child, but doesn't help.
                          Then I had the idea
                          . So I could leave that screen.

                          I died too. Think, this is the normal end. The creators must have had a terrible dream...


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                            Well, going to try one more time and see if I can see an option I missed before. It has "retry" rather than "replay" I think .. so would guess there is a way to survive that.
                            I did see butterfly when I left first room in house which I take as a good sign as we are to follow it.
                            What is the girl saying? Is that important?
                            OK - says "replay" and "the end" .. disappointing!
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