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    Hello Gamershood Forums,

    We have recently launched 4D Sudoku which is a 3D Online Game with a 4th Dimension!

    4D Sudoku - The Puzzle within a Puzzle

    The challenge is to construct a square block of numbered cubes, arranged in such a way that every possible row, column and side around the block contains each of the numbers 1 - 9. Meanwhile inside the block, every 3x3 section, sliced vertically or horizontally, also consists of the digits 1-9. So pit your wits against the invisible force of the 27 cubes in this ingenious puzzle.

    Currently, there is one master puzzle, with only one answer - to date only one person has succeeded in solving the whole puzzle. We are developing a Buy Cheats Section and a Pay to Play and Competitions phase to be released in January 2009.

    We would really welcome your review.

    Look forward to hearing from you


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    this is takes some getting use to
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      what does the blank spots mean?


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        I wonder about those too. I guess there are some interior walls that don't get counted. This game is hard to maneuver.


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          4D Sudoku and Blanks

          CONGRATULATIONS! You've solved the vital, first stage ! With three cubes on every side and nine numbers in each row and column around the block, one side MUST be blank! Well done!

          With regard to manipulating the online game - try using the Keyboard shortcuts = they make it a lot easier.

          Good luck - someone just solved it last night in approx 10 hours.

          Cheers Team 4DS


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            Oh Boy! Fun for the winter

            I am looking forward to playing this puzzle. I'll only be working at it a short time each day, so there's no way I'll beat the 10 hour mark! I like the keyboard shortcuts. I have tendinitis in my left wrist, so the less I use it the better. Of course, my right elbow's going too! I need an EMT! Oh wait...I am one!

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