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    Uh, oh. I finished this game without getting stuck anywhere.

    Knowing me, that probably means my computer is going to blow up or something.
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      Yeah, to be honest, I'm about to give up on it. I know I'm so close to the end though!! It only has 25 levels, and I have been clicking like crazy. And I can see which ducks turn which other ones for many of them, but I can't solve it!

      LOL, Purp!! But great job!!


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        Escape--You might try restarting the level.


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          I did....a few times.

          OMB! I GOT IT!! But I have to give credit to a poster (sonic lover) from jayisgames. I was beyond stuck. Moving on to 25 now!


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            Cute little game. Lavel 5 was a killing one. It took me time to realise how to solve it. (mostly radom clicking
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              very nice game...out without any help.. 24 is lil tricky but somehow i managed to do it by ma own..
              Thoroughly enjoyable and it made sense! Thanks for such a great and enjoyable game......nd those lil ducks are so cute...kwek kwek...!!..
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                yaaay made it through all the levels, without help. 24 was a really though one. Wanna know the secret? Forget about the puzzle part, and click like a maniac.
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                  I won the ducky game! Quack Quack!
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                    Yay! I finished it!
                    How lovely game! I didn't stuck on lvl 24 for a long time but I couldn't beat it at the last lvl! After many many many tries I beat it!
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                      Great game, very soothing


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                        Hail Bonte, that is the one that got me addicted to escape rooms

                        Edit: I was hopelessly stuck on 13. Nothing happened after I completed it
                        I came here to look for a clue and the next level loaded when I went back to it

                        Now I'm stuck on 18

                        * Nvm, I didn't realize the game is larger than my browser.

                        I'm out

                        LOL that was too cute. The music rocked.
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                          This game is Quakarific!.......(Ummm....forget I said that...)

                          I didn't get stuck much on any level, because of games similar to level 24 even though I never played this specific type it didn't take me long to figure out, I only got stuck on 25 but that was for 3 minutes and I beat it.

                          I wish there were more games like this...
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                            Bonte has two games very similar to this one if you liked it. I'm not sure whether or not you have played them before or not.




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                              Hahahaha cute game...easy


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                                That was so much fun!!