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Searching For Hints On Specific Riddle Levels

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  • Searching For Hints On Specific Riddle Levels

    I am sure that anyone who ever played a riddle and looked for a hint on a GamersHood forum thread with many pages knows this scenario - you want to search for the level number, but you cannot, as the "Search this Thread" tool only searches for words with 4 letters or more. This means you have to go over the entire long thread looking for the magical words "I am stuck on level XX" or "spoiler for XX".

    So, as a community service for all riddlers out there, here are three suggestions made by the GamersHood Moderation team for searching hints on a specific riddle level in a more effective way:
    1. Use Gamershood's archive version of the thread:
      Go to, press on the "Riddles" link under "FREE ONLINE & OFFLINE GAMES" and navigate through the links to the desired riddle thread - you can use the browser "find" option (Ctrl + F) to find the riddle name. Once you are in the riddle thread, use the browser "find" option to find a particular word, word combination or specific level number.
    2. Use google to search in a GamersHood thread:
      Enter into google the riddle name, the word combination you want to find (e.g. "level 11" or "on 11") and the expression "". Some of the results might contain links to places in the thread discussing that level.
    3. Look for keywords instead of level number:
      Try using GamersHood's "Search this Thread" tool looking for keywords of info from the level you are in (e.g. level title, key words from the text in the level etc). Who knows, you might get lucky and someone used one of the keywords in his request for help or in a hint.

    We hope these three suggestions will make your hunt for hints on GamersHood a bit easier

    GamersHood Moderation
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