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A new start for LP Invasion

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  • A new start for LP Invasion

    First of all, LP has stepped down from running LP invasion. However he will be working with myself and hopefully other staff members (sleepyhead and damar) in creating a new team riddle after invasion6. Blizz announced on facebook that invasion 6 would probably take place in the early Spring, so we are planning to do the new riddle after that has finished. We are still discussing and deciding on a new name and format to make it different from invasion.

    We thank you all for taking part and supporting lpinvasion, and hope to see you all when we return under whatever guise we decide on. We will post more on the main forums (gh, nord etc) after i6, and there will be a chance to discuss new rules etc. then.

    If anyone has any really big ideas or feedback that might help our decision making feel free to get in touch by pm or skype (angualee), but whilst we don't guarantee to agree with you, we will listen. (and yes i hope we can arrange for you to pick your own teams if we have enough players).

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    Just created a new facebook group... Enigmaniacs - temporary name for the new riddle if people want to join it for any announcements etc whenever they happen