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Arrogant Bastards present: BASTARD riddle contest 2

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  • yup, me


    • Sweet. Are you still working on "who am i"? I'm stuck on "Much ado about fish" and "Time Table?". Could really use some help...

      Edit: Just finished the fish one. Working on "Time Table?" now.
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      • ye,

        so you've come to 'who am i' yet'? it's supposed to be easy. i JUST dont see it. arg!

        Can give u a spoiler for time table if u want:
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        • Wait.. I don't have "Who am I". I finished the fish one and it was a dead end. The only puzzle I can do right now is time table. I'm mostly having trouble on how to change the numbers to letters.


          • hi,

            ok, nother spoiler for ye:


            • OH! I think I got it then. Thanks.


              • cheers. next up, yes: 'who am i'

                if u find something, anything, please help me!!

                Edit: notreally. there loads of hints in the forum, supposedly. Saying "ask for help" The pagesource says to "work together and communicate". The picture says "need help yet?". Anyway, thats what i'm doing now, it think.
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                • Working on it.

                  EDIT: Wow this is annoying.
                  EDIT: Anything?

                  EDIT: Well apparently asking questions is the only way to get the answer. There was a post somewhere that said someone got it without reading the question..
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                  • i dont know. at some point i was thinking about some 1337/internetlingo kinda word. Y'know? Along the lines of n00b en pwnt. Also because there was some talk in the forum about the answer not being a proper English word. Still, this line of thinking hasnt gotten me quite far as of yet..

                    EDIT: erm, what was that hint again?
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                    • Well, in the title, it says "I'm great! You're a n00b." I was so sure the answer was gr8 but apparently it's not.

                      EDIT: And what about the hint about the color?

                      EDIT: just something about how the color of the text is significant. somehow.
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                      • yea, its blue, which can mean *so* many things. I've googled all those words in the riddle as well and nothing comes up. I guess we're overthinking this tremendously.

                        edit: I'm afraid i've have to leave you here, omgpotato, and go to sleep (its night here). My thinkingorgan hurts form this riddle. speak to you maybe tomorrow. (please leave a hint, if you find it ;-)

                        EDIT: i'm back. taking a fresh look at this.
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                        • I am getting nowhere. Gonna take a break and try again tomorrow. Maybe. Thanks for the help.

                          EDIT: This puzzle = annoying. Indeed.
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                          • yup, annoying