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  • Hi, my first posting ever. Am stuck on #11, i know the answer but everytime i enter it, it doesn't accept. I've tried everything i can think of but nothing seems to work and i keep getting the ''error'' page!!! Am ripping my hair out!!!
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    • 11

      Could someone also please PM me for no: 11 - I too have tried everything I can think of through GOOGLE and and get the error page too when trying different names!
      Thanks ...


      • number 11

        i beat this one a while ago. so i might be able to help. what was the clue(s) for question #11?


        • lvl 7

          Hi, is there anybody playing ?

          Stuck on level 7
          I know the group and the album it's refering to but can't find the answer.
          Unless I'm totally wrong!!


          • i neeeeeeed help with # 17 please help me i will love you forever!!!

            help me help me i dont get it pllleeeaaaassseeeee help any clue will work and u can be my best frined in the whole intire world
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            • okay so im new here and just started, can somone help me with level 3? ive tried everything and read EVERY single post on here for some help but im STUcK!


              • Polichinelle:

                needshelpalot: See the words in the source (at the lower part)?

                I'm stuck at 14. I guess it has something to do with R----- D-------? But I can't find out what he is at heart. Any help, please?

                Edit: Got it. Too easy...

                Edit: Now I need help in 25. I'm totally stuck! No one will probably notice my cry for help as this thread is on page 3 but I'm hoping for the best.

                Edit: Got 25. Took almost 3 days to figure it out.

                Edit: Finished! =)
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