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Anyone play The Elder Scrolls Online here?

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  • Anyone play The Elder Scrolls Online here?

    I've been playing for The Elder Scrolls Online a few years now (since late 2017) and have recently reached CP 1000, completed my Master Crafter, and finished Cadwell's Silver on my main account. I'll be starting Gold soon, once I finish the DLC. I have almost 3200 hours in the game and I have enjoyed every minute of it! The most fantastic thing is how many things there are to do and how there is literally something for everyone. The game motto "play the way you want" is very true, at least in the broadest sense. The endgame is another topic, but I digress.

    From solo play to multiplayer, there are a variety of tasks, including quests, dungeons, raids / trials, as well as PvP modes like Battlegrounds (4v4v4 teams) and Cyrodill (a huge PvP zone that three alliances fight over). There is a lot of crafting in this game, all of which can serve a very important purpose in other areas like crafting sets and food and drink buffs. There's fishing, thieving, roleplaying, guilds, resource and gold farming, and we can't forget to mention the enormous amount of lore (both in written books and dialogue). This game has so much to offer so many people and their different play styles.

    Every day I play I find / learn something new and I have never stopped being amazed and loving this game. Before people bring up the problems that exist, I know. Every game is going to have problems. Nothing is perfect! But this game is incredible and the team is managing it very well. I love Elder Scrolls Online. Even i spent a lot of money for eso gold and items onine(mostly from SSEGold), it has really gotten me through bad times and helped me make some amazing friends. It has also helped me socially in general and given me a whole other world to explore and escape into. I am very thankful for this game and the developers who made it and continue to work on it!